Means Investment

Means Investment has been serving investor needs since 1935. David G. Means began the business with sound principles. He believed that (in his words) "one should not overreact to good news or bad news. If you study the management of a company, the industry in which it is a part, historical statistics, use your good common sense and be patient, more times than not you will be bountifully rewarded". Further, David Means believed that savings put to work in stocks would provide greater returns if investors used disciplined strategies.

Investment strategies like slowly accumulating positions when stocks are down, reinvesting dividend income, dollar-cost-averaging, diversification and contrarianism (buy when others are selling, sell when others are buying) are innate to the "Means philosophy". He believed in fundamental analysis but he knew that irrational forces including fear, greed and ignorance, could affect stock prices in the short run - but over the long run, fundamentals would prevail.

As the oldest independent investment firm in Central and Northern Maine, Means Investment has had to adapt to many of the dynamics of an ever changing market and certainly cannot rest on the laurels of its 75+ years of success.

Today, Means uses National Financial Services, LLC as it's Clearing Agency. This relationship has allowed the firm great efficiency in the management of all back-room operations and access to an overwhelming abundance of research information. Yet, it is the conservative investment philosophy and strategies of David G. Means that remain the bedrock foundation on which the firm and its clients continue to prosper.

Individual Services: Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, 401k Rollovers, Estate Planning, Portfolio Management, Growth Investing.

Business Services: Employee Benefits, Profit Sharing Plans, 401k Plans, Simple IRA, Flexible Benefit Plans, Business Succession Planning.

Seminar Services: College Financial Aid, Wealth Management, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Growth Stock Investing.