Tommy Murphy

New York

I would first like to thank the thousands of people who gave me the chance to be part of their lives by tattooing them. I have been tattooing since 1990 and in that time I have been extremely lucky to have met so many wonderful people, artists and tattooists. Through tattooing I have met so many colorful people over the years, and the truth is I am a better person from the experience of each and every one. I owe a world of gratitude to Neil Grant and Joel Furman. Both for helping me get a foot in the door of the tattoo world, I would like to thank Sean Vasquez for encouraging me to get out on the road and use tattooing as the vehicle to do so.

Early on I was taught to be good to tattooing and tattooing will be good to you, and it has. I have traveled to many interesting places, from sandy beaches to concrete horizons, both rich and poor, and I have learned so much from each venture. I have found the true meaning of happiness by doing the thing I love to do most everyday, and have collected a copious of great stories in my time. My life is full and I am blessed with the real riches this world has to offer.

  • Work
    • Professional Licensed Tattoo Artist
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    • Mean Street Tattoo