Mecaela Miller

Napa, CA

Eater, Drinker, Creator, Lover

Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.
~Mark Twain

My career is in wine and food industry because those are also my passions. I was drawn into this world because of the guarantee that it is ever changing and expanding.

The Rooted Fork was formed with the idea of creating events that are “rooted” within the community. Whether it focuses on helping a local non-profit organization, or showcasing and utilizing local resources, the idea is to root these events with the common goal of helping to grow and better the surrounding community. Working with multiple clients and new projects all the time allows me to engage with exciting and stimulating opportunities as they come about.

I am a people watcher and question asker. I am always looking for ways to exchange information more effectively or educate more comprehensively. It is my joy to share what I am passionate about and pass the excitement that comes with knowledge onto others.

I love wine, but an aged Bourbon or a rich Belgian beer would be my drink of choice. Santé!

  • Work
    • Independent Event Planner
  • Education
    • Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo