Guru Nanak in Mecca

Guru Nanak went to Mecca on his 4th (last) udassi (journey/travel). Bhai Mardana went with him and he put on a blue dress worn by hajjis or Muhammadens who went on pilgrimage in those times, with him he took a Faqirs staff in his hand a collection of his hymns under his arm, with a jug(lota) for ablutions, thus he was in the guise of a hajji. Guru Nanak had now been on his Udasis (travels) for at least twenty years, since his sudden disappearance (around 1497) which had alarmed his followers and given some who were jealous of his growing influence to start all sorts of mischief, even accusing him of being a thief and stealing from Daulat Khan's stores.