Robert Ferris

Mechanic in Las Vegas, NV

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Hi, I’m Robert. I’m a mechanic living in Las Vegas, NV.

Our 20+ years of experience has given us the knowledge and know-how needed to offer our clients high quality service. We make sure that we always look at each vehicle as if it were one of ours, figuring out what repairs or services may be necessary in order for your car run like new again!

As reliable mechanics with over two decades worth under our belts - not only do we provide excellent customer care but also go above and beyond by looking specifically into things such as fuel systems so there is no further need worry about how much money will disappear every month due an incompetent mechanic who doesn't check their work before clicking " Finished."

We'll give you advice and suggestions on things to look at, things you can do on your own, and things that are unsafe, so that you can make the call on what needs to get done and when. We are like your knowledge mechanic uncle, except you don't have to get us anything for the holidays, and you don't have to wait weeks for a repair!

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