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Bus Repair Service and Maintenance in Jersey City, New Jersey

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Address: 101 Western Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307

Phone: (201) 2750537

Hours: Mon - Fri 7.30 a.m - 5 p.m

Payment Method: All cc, cash

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Bus Repair Service and Maintenance, School & Coach Bus Repair.


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The vehicle operator is the first line of defense against unexpected breakdowns and repairs. It is important that the driver communicate vehicle problems immediately to fleet management. This allows the vehicle operator to participate in the PM program, proactively reducing breakdowns.

The following vehicle systems should be monitored by the driver: Vehicle safety items (e.g., tires, wipers, horn, brakes, steering, etc.). Vehicle drivability items (e.g., misfire, rough idle, etc.). Vehicle body (e.g., glass, body damage, cleanliness, etc.). Vehicle miscellaneous repair items (heater, radio, etc.).

The vehicle operator must be held accountable for inspecting these items. The PM program depends on the driver for continued success. Should the vehicle operator fail to inspect the vehicle prior to, during, and after a trip, a potential problem may go unnoticed causing a breakdown or unsafe condition.