Maira Gomez Niño

Bogotá d.c. - Colombia

My name is Maira Alejandra Gomez child was born February 21, 2000 in the city of Bogota live with my dad Avelino, my mother Gloria and my brother Miguel currently study in the school cooperative Archbishop Ismael Perdomo am in ninth grade and strange to my dog Shayla . :(
My mom and dad met in Bogota, were married in March 1998 months later was born my brother in August of the año1998 and then I in February of the year 2000.
started my studies in 2005 at the College Felix Maria Samaniego in 2006 went walk with my family to San Andrés in 2007 pass the new La Estancia school has make third that another thing had closed my mom I already change in that school not to not aprendia nothing and then went to the school cooperative Archbishop Ismael Perdomo in the year 2009 (in which I am currently) in the 2010 received a diploma for good behavior, and since then I have not received anything more nor mentions of honor and God willing I finish my studies in 2016.
One of my hobbies is painting my nails and decorate melas although there are many more like being with my friends, going to the gym, spending time with people that I want to, sleep, eat, travel, help my parents, buy clothes and make crafts.
I really like the animals, listen dancehall, accessories of hello kitty, have fun and be funny, watch scary movies, to be with my family, eating mazorcada, papaya, melon, my favorite color is black, and i love dogs. I don't like vulgar people, those who mistreat the animals, beans, English, wake me up early and swim on Sunday. I am very sincere... :D

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