Covington, WA

I'm Elizabeth, and God has brought me a long way. As I approached age 30 and saw the same immature behaviors from junior high, I went searching for the keys to growing up. Henry Cloud's book, Changes That Heal inspired me to look at my teenage years. It was there I found where to start in healing and growing.

I began blogging at Thirty Going On Thirteen, but I have become a new person. Not only have I physically moved beyond age 30, I have finally emotionally grown past age 13. As I continue to grow, my mind still gets tangled as I try to unravel the details of life. I have always processed my thoughts by releasing them, and this is what my blog, There's So Much To Say, is about. These are words of life, words of uncertainty, words of joy, and words of confession. Whatever comes to mind, because there's so much to say.

  • Work
    • Preschool Teacher, Student, Author
  • Education
    • BA in Business Management, AAS in Early Childhood Education