Medard Sotta

Medard C. Sotta is the Managing Director and Co-founder of InsGrow International Company. He is also the founder and the first Executive Director of Fellows for Dignity. With his passion in development, humanity, human dignity, philosophy, social changes, equality and growth, through the organization he founded, he developed a philosophy of a collective battle to eliminate poverty, ignorance and diseases in Tanzania as he has always believed that the only way to fight poverty - which in his opinion is the largest contributor of diseases and ignorance, and that once you've eliminated poverty you also get the tools to fight ignorance and diseases - is simply through WORKING TOGETHER - by collectively, effectively and constructively utilizing people's potentials towards achieving a common goal and prosperity of people - as individuals, families, groups and communities at large. He has also worked to formulate and stimulate people to give more than just gifts and foods to people in need and of special needs. In the same formulation, he also pledged that in order to end and the only way to end the existing isolation between the people in need and those of special needs, and the community, is by the whole community to work together with people in need and of special needs in creating sustainability and self-reliance to them. In one of his unpublished articles on development, Medard clarified that the reason why many poor people loose hope to progress is because they spend their life time believing that they can't achieve a better life simply because they don't have money and thus without money they can't make their life better and in that sense they take money as the only base of development. Having quoted criticizing that belief, he critically emphasized that poverty is the war and keep believing that it can only be fought only with money that's to believe that the poor people, as long as they don't have money, they can not fight poverty. Medard urged that poor people should not depend on weapons they don't posses, they should instead use what they have to make their life better and that money and wealth it represents is the result or sign of a better life but not always the BASE to a better life. {One of Medard's quotations on development: "One of the biggest reasons that make many people remain poor is because they UNDER-ESTIMATE the value and potentials of what they possess in order to take their lives to the better, and OVER-ESTIMATE what they lack - be it