Rick Rosio

There is an urgent need for a medical cannabis program, that can provide care, that is both sympathetic and knowledgeable about veteran's medical cannabis use. Currently; it is estimated that there are approximately 21 million veterans in the US and on average 22 commit suicide daily. This staggering number clearly indicates a need for an alternative method for dealing with our veteran population and their health issues. Our program offers real help for veterans and their families, and our goal is to make it a model clinic that can be duplicated at other locations.
VFCC is a program driven health care model that provides specialized behavioral and physical health coverage. VFCC will be staffed by clinicians who have been educated on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the medicinal applications of whole plant botanical cannabis substance delivery modalities. Specifically, applying them foremost, to the war fighters and their unique injuries, including PTSD symptoms, TBI, chronic pain, and a full array of other health issues. Our model provides an alternative treatment option that avoids the problems of opioid dependency and addiction among those veterans suffering from the wide list of known maladies. This unique group often require a complex cocktail of prescription medications just to sleep and continue to place themselves at risk to the deeper medical problems associated with opioid addiction. Our hybrid model has the advantage of providing all natural organic botanical cannabis, rather than increasingly large doses of opioid and other medications needed to treat serious injuries that are common in the war-fighter community.
It is well known to us, that cannabis is an exit drug rather than an entrance drug. We intend to provide a clear peaceful path to normalization from narcotization and an opportunity for all veterans to access this plant at an affordable price with guidance from a professional, knowledgable, compassionate staff.