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Our unique system will find connections that privately detect blood relations between subscribers Our network will link all biological family members and their medical records together to verify and show relate able genes that could pass on health issues. Each subscriber will have access to only their own medical records unless they are granted viewing access by the other subscribers. Others such as non subscribers to the network could authorize access of their medical records anonymously for their biological family members to give healthcare professionals better insight into their their families genes and healthcare issues that are prone to. Initial Coin Offering ""ICO"" that utility tokens are going to be offered to support an Innovative healthcare ledger for subscribers medical records as well as the medical records of their biological family, along with their verified heritage via their DNA. Alll subscribers in the Healthcare network will have access to big discounts due to the size of the network and updated as we continually grow in size of subscribers. Discounts on all related healthcare items such as but not limited to healthcare insurance coverage whether individual, family or under a corporate plan small business or large. The private immutable distributed ledger will also post a private and secure insight into the subscribers ethnicity, verified via their DNA in order to give further insight to their healthcare professionals as to what healthcare issues that they are prone to. look for issues that the patient might be prone to. As well as create a preemptive plan to avoid these healthcare issues. The tokens offered will be used to pay for all healthcare services at a big discount such as membership fees, healthcare insurance and any other healthcare related costs due to “power in numbers” due to the anticipated size of our network due to all of the benefits. Business owner’s big or small will save on their employee’s healthcare costs. All of the medical records of the subscribers & their families, prescription records and DNA and ethnicity will be 100% private & secure and each subscriber will have the ability to share all or part of their history with whom they wish.