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Have you heard of fatty liver?Some obese people may consider themselves healthy with that extra body mass around their belly and pink, tight skin. However, usually what we assume are most of the times has proven wrong and so are the some medical conditions. Some medical conditions do not cause any early signs and then people tend to assume everything is fine. Have you ever heard of fatty liver? No, yes or maybe! Even obese people don’t know whether they have a risk of developing fatty liver disease. Fatty liver or steatosis is a medical term describes the buildup of fats in the liver. Having fat in your liver is normal but if more than 5 to 10 percent is fat, then the person is said to have ‘fatty liver’ or steatosis. The primary risk factor for fatty liver disease is middle-aged and overweight or obese people. Apart from that people with diabetes and elevated triglyceride levels are at a greater risk of developing fatty liver disease. Also, certain conditions may contribute to the development of fatty liver disease such as eating too many calories, alcohol abuse, malnutrition, rapid weight loss or having other health conditions such as obesity, or insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the most important trigger for developing NASH. It is not clear how a liver becomes fatty. It may be possible that the fat may come from other parts of your body or your liver may absorb an increased amount of fat from your intestine. Another possible reason could be when the liver loses its ability to change fat into a form that can be removed. Fatty liver and NASH are usually treated by making alternations in diet and other lifestyle changes. Going for regular checkups and taking medicines is important but it’s more important to maintain healthy and active lifestyle to eliminate the discomfort of fatty liver disease. • If you’re obese or overweight you should plan to lose weight and take proper guidance from your dietician. • Avoid alcoholic beverages or have moderate consumption of alcohol.• Manage diabetes to reduce the risk of fatty liver disease. • Eat healthy diet and exercise daily. • Work on decreasing triglyceride levels by taking proper diet, doing exercises and regular medication. • Keep a tab on your overall health to prevent symptoms of other medical conditions from worsening.

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