Sabrina Riotto

Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

I was born in Pordenone (Italy) in 1967, where I lived and studied until about 24 years old. My parents are entrepreneurs and they had an engineering company, specialized in steel structures for bridges, viaducts etc... Even as a child my father took me with him on his frequent business trips and especially in the yards so that, once I graduated and have done a good and hard work at local design offices, I dedicated myself to understand, manage, evaluate and work that microcosm that the yard is, with its own rules, obligations, tiredness, enthusiasm, errors, conviviality, cooperation to achieve target, take stoutness in difficult times and rejoice in the success. In all these years I watched, studied, learned, I shared moments, and I did experience and I must say that I love my job because that microcosm is always evolving and changing and it's always a new experience that always accompanies a new project.
I traveled s lot, working both in Italy and abroad, but the most important years, the ones that finally formed my character in the profession both as woman and as a manager, have been about 15 years in Africa and it is there, in fact, that I always want to come back when I think of home.

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