Mark John Ederango

Student in Metro Manila, Philippines

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I'm 21 years old, I was born on May 03, 1995 in Palao, Iligan City. I'm the older the 2 sons of Mr&Mrs Franklin M. Ederango. My father's name is Franklin M. Ederango his work is auto mechanic is Saudi Arabia, my mother's name is Merlyn E. Ederango she was tailor, and my brother's name is Joel E. Ederango he also a student a high school student. My parents is religious and I grow up knowing Christ is in me. My hobbies is playing basketball, playing computer games, eating, watching movies and then sleep. I like music but the music didn't like me.

I Studied in AMA Computer College in Manila, I take up the course of bachelor in Information Technology, before I studied the university in different course but I transfer I failed my subjects their and I transfer in ACLC Computer College but I cannot continue in studying their because I transfer again in Manila because my parents transfer in Manila and that's why I'm in AMA College Manila. I hope this is my last year here in college so that I graduate and have a good job that suite for my course so that my father stop working abroad. This my life just for now.