Médéric Pomerleau

Residential Real Estate Broker in Laval, Québec, Canada

I am a dynamic young man and a passionate outdoorsman. Athletic by nature, I go through life with fire in my belly. For a year, I rubbed
elbows in the world of luxury condo construction especially with quality people who allowed such acquisitions.
My sense of discovery then led me to go see the world. I had the opportunity to visit major cities such as Paris, Rome, Venice, Lyon,
Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, the French Riviera, Florence, Barcelona and Marseille. During my stay abroad, I took the opportunity to follow
a mentoring program in Entrepreneurship and my inner salesperson was seriously awakened.
I came back with a burning desire to want to enter the real estate world. Specifically, the brokerage of prestigious residential real estate in the
North Shore.
I was chosen by the real estate giant luxury Engel & Völkers for my history and in turn I would like to have the pleasure of serving you and
knowing more about your story.