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Award winning writer, former journalist, and non-profit creator, Ed has a depth of professional experience in television, print, radio and online media. He has worked for national television networks (CBS, CNN, FNC), as well as daily and weekly newspapers. He has covered presidential innagural events, President Clinton's Impeachment Trial, the O.J. Simpson Trial, and others. He has freelanced for the John Mclaughlin Group. In "old media," Ed trained under former award-winning CBS correspondent Eric Engberg. He has also freelanced for the Miami Herald, St. Petersburg Times, and others. In addition to his media experience, Ed has deep ties to community work and organizations, where he has served as an educator and as Director of an Urban Educational Literacy Center. He has also created and developed two non-profit organizations to help struggling families, inner city students, elderly, and people with disabilities. Ed served as National Communications Director for a leading national advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C., launched a national magazine publication, & did speech writing.

Ed graduated from UC Santa Barbara and has earned a BA, MA, and MBA in Education, Political Science, and Business & Organizational Management. He has since relocated from Washington D.C. to the Pacific Northwest to take in the natural beauty, enjoy fresh air, and work & travel. He enjoys camping, hiking, sailing, spending time with family, and drinking and writing about coffee!

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