Anup Shah

Medialab 3D Studio Pvt.Ltd. has been in operation for more than 20 years specializing in digital creations aimed at enhancing the sales and marketing process in India and USA. We have achieved this through innovative simulations to represent concepts and visualizations in three dimensions and hence achieve greater consumer understanding and engagement. This is crucial for the sales process.

We focus on creating 3D animations and highly interactive sales and marketing presentations for consumer products and real estate through special imagery and video creations.

Through us you can convert your sales center into an interactive sales office through simulating the real life situation on video, product demonstrations in all angle views, residential and commercial virtual tours, architectural interior and exterior images, 2D & 3D images of area maps, floor plans, site plans, computer Aided Design and printing services.

We have a wealth of information and innovation gained through experience and vast knowledge of current and emerging design and technology trends, which we implement to make our clients stand out from the competition and effectively illustrate their services to consumers.

The company is headed by the highly talented Michael Lozicki, who has consistently being at the forefront in leading customer service combined with technical skills and business innovation to make the company a market leader. He is assisted by a team of highly motivated and dedicated staff. We endeavor to meet and exceed our client’s expectations through latest technologies and media innovation.