Hi, my name's Hina,

I reach out to people not only on my school campus, but online. Yes I know strangers from places like Kansas, from Canada, from England, and everywhere. I don't know them in real life, I haven't met them. But i talk to them constantly not complaining about my life, but to hear how theirs is going and if everything's alright with them. I know most often, people, including teens, aren't looking for advice, but just someone to talk to. Some things they can't go home and say to their parents or a teacher or sibling, they just need some random person to lend them an ear. I try to be that person. I won't judge or comment, I'll just listen and let them vent it out. 4.5 percent of high-school-aged teens in Dallas make serious suicide attempts requiring medical attention each year because they feel neglected and have no one to talk to or help them or empathize with them. The suicide rate for teens in Texas is 2.1 percent.
If just talking to someone can stop that person from posting a facebook status saying: "The darkness has consumed me," and then shooting himself, or a teenager in Richardson from hanging himself, then i'll try to be the person that does it.

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    • High School class of 2013