Jesse Miller

Vancouver, Canada

Jesse Miller is an international public speaker who has addressed thousands of participants presenting and consulting to schools and companies since 2007. Jesse is in high demand as a keynote speaker on the topics of social media awareness, mobile communications and associated behaviours and online content evaluation. His work with the Ministry of Education in the Province of British Columbia on awareness campaigns has made his direct and revealing approach the prefered option for social media education in Western Canada.

Jesse is a trusted resource to numerous school districts in Canada and a trusted partner to numerous public safety agencies who use his expertise to address issues that occur on social media requiring evaluation and investigation delivering a measurable response to an audience who previously had little idea of their vulnerabilities when participating in online environments

Within the private sector, Jesse uses this skill set to benefit companies who need evaluation of their social media footprint and current connectivity to clients. Additionally, his consulting services have been utilised in hiring and human resource development programs within numerous professional development sectors helping clients save time and money in the hiring and volunteer recruitment processes.

Jesse has been featured in numerous radio and television broadcasts, publications and articles as an authority on the topics of Internet safety, social media, and mobile application based technology.

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