MediaTrust's Real-time CPC PerformanceExchange allows publishers, advertisers & agencies to Connect Quality Clicks to Conversions.

MediaTrust's Performance Exchange connects direct response and lead gen advertisers with quality consumers, beyond search engine marketing. Our easy-to-use platform, best-in-class service, detailed analytics, and real-time reporting optimize our advertisers' ROI.

Easy-to-use Platform - We make it easy for advertisers to generate leads and sales by consolidating the management of multiple channels into a single easy-to-use ad exchange.

Quality traffic - Increase your ROI with our consistent high quality and exclusive traffic sources. We work with only the best pre-screened email & content publisher partners whose traffic is continuously monitored for conversion performance.

Advanced Technology - Maximize your ROI with our innovative targeting technology and proprietary algorithms that drive higher conversions.

Real-time Reporting - Analyze and optimize your campaigns, budgets, and bids with in-depth up-to-the-minute reporting.

Best-in-class Service - Our proactive and collaborative Partner Management Team works with you, from start to finish, to optimize your campaigns and increase your conversion yield.

Click Quality Assurance - Rest assured you pay only for valid clicks. We continuously screen for fraudulent clicks using MediaTrust's multi-tiered click quality system and trusted third party solution.