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Address : 8516 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73162

Phone : 877-688-2729

No matter what your situation is, 180 Medical promises to provide the best medical catheters. Todd Brown, founder of 180 Medical, knows from personal experience the frustration that can come from using the wrong medical products. Our mission is to provide amazing service, education, and quality products to those who need them. At 180 Medical, we offer some of the best catheters available on the market. We sell various types of catheters including kits, pocket catheters, pediatric catheters, mini catheters, and so much more. On our website, you can search hundreds of medical catheters to see which type will best suit your lifestyle. We provide insurance billing, free shipping, and free samples to our customers. We look forward to providing you with life changing products.