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Knee pain is common among people worldwide affecting both genders and all ages. It may be the result of an injury, accident, sporting injury, age or different medical conditions. No matter what is causing your knee pain, you will want to relieve it. There is no point of suffering at home. You can just simply come and get a medical check – up by our pain management specialists in Pain Management Brooklyn NYC.

However, before even starting a treatment, our specialists will focus on diagnosing your problem first. It is very important to know the real cause of your knee pain, before even starting the treatment.

The severity and location of the knee pain usually varies from its cause. Other signs and symptoms that usually accompany knee pain include: weakness and knee instability, stiffness of the knee, swelling of the knee, crunching noises, popping noises, inability to fully straighten the knee, problems with walking, etc.

The goal of our specialists is to diagnose your problem, define a personal treatment plan based on your condition and get you back on the track with minimal downtime. Conservative treatment is suggested first. However, in severe cases when conservative treatment does not solve your problem and relieve your pain, surgical treatment might be needed.