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Medical Code Books from TCI brings you the latest and comprehensive coding books in wide ranging topics. TCI provides solutions for medical coding, billing, compliance, auditing, and revenue cycle management targeted at physician practices, hospitals, billing companies, consulting firms, home health agencies, insurance companies, and others across the entire healthcare spectrum.

Since its inception, TCI has provided helpful service to more than 60,000 consultants, physicians, compliance officers, practice managers, and medical coders in both the physician practice setting and the facility setting to improve the overall profitability of their organizations. Medical Code Books publishes a wide range of print and online specialty newsletters, books, specialty code charts, consulting and revenue cycle solutions. We provide one stop, real world solutions for medical coding, billing, compliance, auditing and revenue cycle management for the entire healthcare spectrum.


As the world’s largest independent coding specialty newsletter publisher, content and services offered by TCI, support the regulatory needs of health care practitioners, providers, billers, practice managers, consultants, auditors, compliance officers, and other healthcare professionals across the United States. Medical Code Books put forward advice, solution, strategies, and work processes for correct coding and billing to ensuring regulatory compliance and meeting ICD 10 transition needs. We offer the most wide-ranging collection of medical coding and compliance books, handbooks and guides – at the most affordable price! From specialty-specific coding books and charts to ICD 10/CPT/HCPCS books and compliance/reimbursement handbooks, our all-embracing books have you covered!


Medical Code Books has brought forward an exclusive product line for 2014 and 2015 to include special handbook, Medical Coding Books, and SuperCoder Illustrated Books.