Medical Tribe

We are creating a new TRIBE, the MedicalTribe, a community of people working together for "health".

Every person, institute, organization, community working for the betterment of health belongs to the MedicalTribe. Medical professionals, healthcare institutes and organizations, healthcare business to business services are all involved with improving the healthcare and so all of them belong to this TRIBE. Patients are the teachers for healthcare professionals and without their help there can be no improvement in health care and so they are the vital part of this tribe. Patient's relatives and family can best provide a very meaningful and enlightening perspective to healthcare system and so they are equally import part of this MedicalTribe. Every person looking for a better health belong to MedicalTribe.

We will work together for 'Health' in all it forms: physical health, mental & psychological health, emotional health, spiritual health, relational health, professional health.

So join the MedicalTribe and connect, share, learn, inform, teach, support, help, discuss, for the cause of a 'wholesome health for all'.

Together we can and together we will shape the future of health care.

We are the MedicalTribe.