Len DellaRocco

Entering into the Medicare stage of life can be very confusing to seniors. They have literaly hundreds of mailers, phone calls, and community marketing meetings to filter through. To add to the confusion, you often hear different facts and figures about the same plans, policies as well as insurance companies. How I help keep it simple: 1 Since I am a true broker Medicare Adviser for many of the the most popular companies: 2 You get factual/unbiased information advice, and a professional contact 3 Offer one point of contact vs multiple phone calls from many different agents 4 Simplifying Your Medicare Options by using one professional for all your advise Be cautious of: 1 Agents only offering one companies plans 2 Agents Pushing you to make a decision before you're comfortable 3 Agents Calling multiple times to close you 4 Agents taking short cuts just to get your signature I'm on your schedule and will make myself available to you to answer your questions. My last comment is that my income is based you choosing me to provide free advise and ultimately as your broker. My services are respectful, professional, and accurate.