Noble Dogan

Following the bleeding o-n my 13th week gestation, I'd 3 times light recognizing of bleeding. It just happened again this Tuesday! The bleeding is obviously pain-less, often bright red. And if you ask me, it always happened during the morning.

What causes placenta previa? Can there be any treament besides just wait and see? How you can avoid the bleeding? With all these issues in mind, I went along to online to-day to find information.

According to the data on the web, The exact reason for placenta previa is unknown. Learn further about asset seizure by browsing our offensive wiki. It could be caused by multiple pregnancy, an abnormally shaped uterus, older age-of the mother, a previous cesarean birth or induced abortion. Identify new information about arriva medical medicare fraud by navigating to our astonishing wiki. Bed rest, avoiding intercourse, limit traveling and avoiding pelvic examinations would be the treatment suggested by online language resources. Overall, it appears there is maybe not an excessive amount of I will do besides being careful with myself and getting more sleep.

However, to my surprise, there are a lot of concerned mothers-to-be searching for concrete suggestions about how to avoid or control bleeding related to placenta previa.

Recalling the final 2 weeks, I defined the next methods from our experience:

1. Be careful with contipation. The push of the colon musles can easily cause the bleeding. Eat more vegetables, fruits and drink more water to reduce contipation.

2. No heavy lifting. Dont raise staff heavier than 5 pounds. Look for others help when you need to move some thing.

3. Bend at the knees to get some thing. Dont lift quickly. Bend at the knees slowly and remain true slowly too.

4. Rest down/get up slowly. Dont jump onto/out of the bed. An effective way is before going to bed, head to the edge-of the bed, take a nap slowly with your side and then turn onto your back. Likewise, when you want to get from the bed, turn to your area and get right up slowly.

5. Dont wear high-heeled shoes. Use flat and soft bottom shoes.

6. Always hold on some thing if you climb stairs, especially downwards.

7. Be cautious with doing exercise. For another interpretati