We understand that cancer, chronic illness, pain, and dis-ease do not strike at random and each has a purpose and a root cause housed in our personal vulnerabilities. We provide individualized treatment plans based on all aspects your physical body, beliefs, perceptions, strengths, and lifestyle.

Since diseases form as a natural response to prolonged conflicts, stresses, nutritional deficiencies, and accumulation of toxins, Medicine of HOPE practitioners approach treatment with the understanding that cancer and other chronic illnesses are symptoms or a wake-up call. Rather than the common approach that focuses on fighting selected symptoms, we focus on the whole person to restore physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic wellness to establish patterns for healthy living.

Our therapies include Homeopathy, IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy with low dose chemotherapy or homeopathic medicines), Lymph Drainage Therapy, Whole Food Nutrition, Herbal Formulas that help stimulate the natural immune and defense systems of the body, and Intravenous Therapies, including Oxygen, Ozone and Vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system, and Chelation Therapy to reduce harmful heavy metals. By using these kinder, gentler treatment methods, we work to remove the cause of the di-sease to empower the body to heal, and set patterns for optimal living.

Medicine of HOPE is a comprehensive, Integrative Medical Oncology Center that draws from scientifically proven medical treatments & natural healing therapies from around the world.