MediHair Transplant Melbourne

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

FUE and FUT Hair Transplant Clinics in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

We have two of the best, most experienced and reputable Hair Transplant doctor in Australia. With over 50 years of experience in the hair transplant industry.

Medihair is a medical hair clinic specialising in hair transplantation. We perform both follicular unit extraction and follicular unit grafting. The key is to understand which one is right for you.

Collectively we have over 50 years experience. Our approach is simple: we offer the best medical option for you.

Hair transplantation is not for everyone and nothing compares to having your own natural hair growing out of your head for life. Having a hair transplant is the closest thing.

Perhaps you have already spent a considerable amount of money trying to regrow lost hair or thin hair, and you are dissatisfied with how your hair looks – calling us is the first step.

We would welcome you to come in for a free consultation. During this appointment we will give you a thorough hair and scalp examination and discuss your family history, your degree of hair loss, the stability of your existing hair and importantly your expectation.

Our promise to you is to give you honest information based on the best outcome for your personal situation.

Hair Transplant Doctors:


FUE Hair Transplant Doctor

Dr. Andrew Kim, MBBS, MD, PhD

FUT Hair Transplant Doctor