Alberto Medina Delgado

Student and Editor in Madrid, España

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I am Alberto Medina. I am 19. I am a student currently living in Madrid, España. When I was a child I discovered painting and since then, I have been trying to find new ways to stimulate my creativity. Also, I have always loved videogames, movies, photography, etc. When I had a chance to study 3D Animation in U-Tad, I did not doubt.

Current role:

I am studying FCSG 3D Animation, Videogames and Interactive Enviroments in U-Tad, learning with some of the best proffesionals in this sector. I have always been interested in arts, (painting, drawing, photograpy...), movies and technologies. I am constantly searching differentt ways to focus my creativity. Right now, Im satisfied and I can say that my hobbies have become my job.

Work history:

I have worked like Shop Salesperson in CreayEncuaderna S.L. There, I was the salesman, and I was responsible of the organization and care of the material.

Now, I am working as Tutor and Teacher. I teach English, Language, FyQ, Maths..

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