Maria Guadalupe Medina Gonzales

Director, Mother, and Father in Madrid, México

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My name is Maria Guadalupe Medina Gonzales , I was born on May 11, 2000, tecoman, currently studying at the university of colima in high school 24 the fifth semester . The things that I like to do the most are listening to music, exercising and watching TV , The things that I do not like to do are wash, fold clothes, or mathematics , My daily activities are, wake up early, brush my teeth, see the cell phone, do my homework, clean my house and go to school , My hobby is going out with my friends , I often exercise, I usually visit my grandparents, I almost never visit my uncles, occasionally I go to Mass , Last Saturday I went to Colima with my friends , On Friday I will go to the cinema with my parents , The next month I will go to Guanajuato