Daniel Medina

London, England, United Kingdom

My music journey begun when I started learning the piano at the age of 10. As I progressed, my interest for music deepened and it became my first love. Chopin is my main influence for piano, having a number of his pieces within my repertoire I have delivered various performances in Corporate events for the likes of Nike, Aniboxx and the Colombian Embassy in London.

With the fast tech pendulum during the last decade, music, like most industries have shifted from hardware to digital. Music production became more accessible and affordable, changing the way I wrote music from paper onto the computer screen. Software such as Pro Tools and Logic are the industry standard and I have more than 5 years experience working with them. I co write in most of my productions with the songwriter and very hands on within the projects I am involved in.

In 2015 I have worked with The Colombian Embassy in London. Channel 4 short documentary - and currently engaging with School as guest speaker or leading workshops.

Currently I am delivering after school workshops engaging young people in education teaching them long life skills through the art. I deliver half a day, full day and up to 8 weeks workshop. Our workshops cover career opportunities, Business in the entertainment industry and students would have access to our partnerships for employment opportunities. Every students in our workshop leaves with an E- portfolio.

How does the student benefit?

Practical application of learning to the real world and the world of work

Hands on learning and problem solving

Information about professional career and study routes, workshop providing a practical insight into a career in the arts.

It empowers and inspires the individual.

For more information on workshops, music collaborations and Piano performance, drop us an E-mail on:

medinamuzik1@gmail.com or call me 07947765112.

  • Education
    • Liverpool University
    • St Ignatius College