Medi-Rents & Sales

Service comes first at Medi-Rents & Sales. As a leading provider of Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies and respiratory services in the Mid-Atlantic region. When care givers, patients or referrals call their office they are greeted by a receptionist who directs them to the appropriate specialist who can help them at that time. Their calls are not automated! Their customer service staff develops close relationships with their customers. They are educated on an on-going basis so they know exactly what their referrals and patients are requesting and are a great resource for them. It’s their training process, support, vast array of services, products and their personal touch that sets up apart from any other company!

Contact Details:

Medi-Rents & Sales

Address: 743 South Conkling

Baltimore, MD 21224 USA

Telephone Number: 800-540-7252

Fax: 888-651-6709