Meditate For Success

For over 35 years, I've been helping people to reduce stress, relax, and feel better. A few years ago, I realized that I wanted to give my clients the tools to better direct their lives through meditation. Pursuing this goal, I became a Certified Meditation Counselor, and now I teach others how to create a more lasting space of healing, acceptance, and peace for themselves.

Clients describe me as kind, accepting, understanding, loving, and generous yet also grounded and focused. I'm comfortable dealing with a variety of personalities and I understand that some people may be curious, or reluctant, or wonder if meditation is really for them. I work with people wherever they are—eager to begin and with some knowledge , skeptical, or anywhere in between.

I particularly love bringing this training to business: the benefits multiply with each person who meditates and can result in reduced stress and absenteeism, increased productivity, and an important feeling of respect and honor in the workplace.

In my small-group workshops, which typically run two sessions of one hour each, I teach the principles and benefits of meditation, and then guide the group through a 10 minute meditation. A second session is held about a week later to discuss the home practice and address any questions.

Whether working with individuals or in groups, my goal is always the same: to help people find a place of peace, happiness, and joy. I believe that as more people meditate, we will tip the scale of stress and anxiety toward balance and a more harmonious life and workplace.