Ryu Dragon

Andalucia Spain

Fortunately I've been always working in internacional projects, very helpful to me in every aspect. Born to be very lucky I have met lots of interesting people in the course of my life, a little luckier than Saint-Exupéry:D Now I'm representing some Japanese cities looking for their parteners abroad.

Media production has been always part of my life plan included own media. Thanks to IT I've come a long way for that goal, only still having a middle or rather a short way to go.

Currently I'm learning several languages at once because I've something to do in the countries in which those languages are spoken: French, Italian, Russian, among the otheres.

On my way to setting up an Artist Village in South Spain I'm getting involved in lots of projects, at first sight looking like being random but all are well connected in the depth of them.

Why Spain? Doesn't sound very business oriented? In Today's business the key to success is being very creative. And that works when it goes with discipline. The strongest mix, I guess.

My near future project will be making little Tokyo in South Europe as well as an English speaking village in non English speaking countries. Maybe in Spain or Japan:) Before that this year a Spanish opera singer will come up with a new album in which I'm involved as producer and lyric writer.

Anyone really creative, open minded, innovative will be welcome to collaborate in something valuable for mutual benefit of us:)

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