Miguel Caldeira Pais

Biologist in Portugal

Miguel Caldeira Pais

Biologist in Portugal

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About the cover photo: (yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/photos/3357746/)

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It was one more morning searching trilobite fossils at Moroccan Anti -Atlas Mountains. I decided to give a try to thermal camera app.

As telescopes, microscopes and other tool shows, the reality is not just what our eyes evolved to see.

This is August, one of the hottest months of Mediterranean latitudes. It's amazing how the outside tree cup reacts immediately to the first rays of the Sun and heats evenly. These trees (Acacia raddiana) lose foliage during the summer to prevent water loss. This Summer dormancy is called aestivation.


About me:

I like hot weather;

I don't need a smartphone to run my life perfectly;

I see Dr. House;

I don't like politicians;

I love freedom;

I love animals;

I love the desert and need open spaces;

I always need a new project on my mind;

I am a Leonardo DA Vinci's fan.

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