Laura Montgomery

Spirit Medium in Dumfries, United Kingdom

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I am Laura Montgomery; a working medium and native of Dumfries and I am currently available for one-to-one and group party readings within the Dumfries and Galloway area. I can also offer email and Skype readings for individuals who live further a field or internationally. I am a fun loving individual who cares a great deal about people and I feel strongly we should always help each other through the bad times and the struggles of life.

I started my journey into 'Mediumship' in 2002 and began by reading and joining internet site groups to find as much information as I could about spirituality and paranormal world. By chance I met another local medium that helped me find a development circle. I really enjoyed this class and the people I met where so friendly, we performed group meditation and practiced using tarot cards and other different tools such as working a crystal ball, dowsers, psychometry and clairvoyance etc. In 2007 I moved away from Dumfries and where I moved to did not have much to offer spiritually, for a year I concentrated on my work as a carer. When in 2008 I moved back to Dumfries I attended a new development circle and also my local spiritualist church. I made a lot of new friends and was learning more about attuning to spirit. Whilst attending that development circle I gave my first ever message and I could not believe the women I was giving a message to could take everything I was saying to her as it was the first time I had done this. My connection with the spirit world grew increasingly stronger.

When I learned I was pregnant in 2008 which was a miracle as doctors declared me infertile, I was extremely happy. Sadly I had a miscarriage and lost a baby boy at 15 weeks into the pregnancy. From that moment on my gift and abilities grew substantially. I then had an opportunity to go along to attend spiritualist churches all over the area as far as Dunfermline and Cleator Moor to take the service. I love every second of being up on platform and I have always wanted to be independent and set up my own service with the goal of assisting people to connect with their relatives and loved ones who have passed on to the higher side of life. Thank you so much for looking at my group page and please feel free to message me about how I can help you to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Love and Light


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