Medium Zach

Minneapolis, Mn

Little Zach, off in his imagination, doodled over his homework. With headphones on, he made a music video behind his eyelids. Afternoons spent crafting worlds from an empty cardboard box. He'd take any mundane activity and found ways to be creative. Deciding on just one creative lane became the challenge.

Following the footsteps of his brother Brandon, he made beats. Emulating the sound of his favorites (RZA, Pete Rock, DJ Premier), Zach put it on cassette, played it for friends and passed it on to rappers.

While a junior at an arts high school near Minneapolis, Zach caught a few ears. Local legends began to perform songs over his beats in clubs he was too young to get into. After senior year, he pursued music.

Through open mics and battles, the "dudes who make good beats, but can also rap" developed their style. in 2004, Brandon and Zach formed the duo Big Quarters. They've played across the country, self-released 3 full-length albums and several side projects. Together, they teach classes on music production.

As a producer, Zach has worked with I Self Devine, Mankwe, Brother Ali and Sims.

He's also directed/edited music videos for Big Quarters and Atmosphere.

Right now, Medium Zach is working on his solo debut. As well as a bunch of other things. All At Once.