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What’s up, I’m medpicky.

Let me introduce, What is Medpicky?

People have enough medical information to help others in a medical exigency. They gather this knowledge through their previous experiences, study or researches. Medpicky’s mission is to empower everyone to share their medical knowledge for the benefit of the rest of the world. People can know and understand anything about treatments, health tips, hospitals, medical specialities, health problems, medical news and even general medical information by asking questions to doctors OR participating in discussions forum.

Be a part of Medpicky

Medpicky makes its mission possible through questions and discussions. You may be wondering why questions and discussion other than focusing any one of them. Well, we will explain it to you.


Ask question is all about asking your personal health problems to the doctors.

The participation in each of your health questions is limited to you and doctors for a better result and sharing. We keep a set of verified doctors to get you satisfactory answers.


Join the most comprehensive health discussion forums on the internet

Discussion is another activity in Medpicky, where everyone comes under a group including users and doctors can participate under a single discussion topic. Discussions can be created about all the medical general topics, other’s previous experiences, reviews and suggestions.

For more clarity will explain with some examples

Which hospital in Kerala is good for cardiovascular surgery? What are the accommodation facilities available near RCC? How to break my smoking habit? These are the examples of discussion topics that can be created.

There are many people who want to help you by sharing their knowledge. Only thing that you need to do is ask for help and suggestions. If you don’t have anything to ask then share your knowledge and help others who need help.

This is what Medpicky believes and trying to happen.

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