Med Prep

Licensed by the state of New Jersey, Med Prep is a central fill pharmacy that provides sterile compounding services for intravenous drugs. Founded in 1994, Med Prep serves a wide range of clients, including hospital pharmacies and physicians in private practice. Specializing in dose-specific formulations, Med Prep prepares quantities according to clients' past usage. This allows clients to reduce medication waste and minimize costs.

Med Prep operates a modern, ISO 5-compliant facility and employs skilled technicians and pharmacists who possess expertise with aseptic compounding. The managers at Med Prep regularly examine the environment and procedures used with rigorous microbiological testing. An industry leader, Med Prep is the sole compounding pharmacy to utilize a real-time sterility verification program. At least once per shift, employees undergo testing to assess their aptitude for compounding without adding contaminants into the finished products.

In compliance with USP 797 standards, Med Prep compounds formulations with FDA-approved sterile drugs provided by clients. The staff at Med Prep compounds limited amounts of medication and assigns a beyond-use date to each compounded product enabling clients to keep their inventories low and minimizing the potential for outdated drugs. Among the products Med Prep prepares are anesthetics, H-2 antagonists, antibiotics, anticoagulants, antiemetics, cardiac medications, electrolyte solutions, neuromuscular blocking agents, pain management drugs, and sedatives.

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