Mee Mai


I'm meemai.. I am insanely obsessed with bands mostly rock bands. And I especially love singing. I have a coffee addiction - Starbucks - ice cream addiction - chocolate flavor - chocolate addiction - black chocs meiji - and book addiction - TONS of books -. I love romance and detective books (dean koontz and sheldon books). I love music of every kind, so there's really no point labelling them out one by one. im friendly pro prangka (dpnde sa feelngs ng iba) nd mataray sumtymz., i dnt lyk hypocrites.., i usually hate them., I have a friendster and a facebook, you can add me in both places -, only if i know u., I change my mind all the time - almost about everything. I have the best family i could ever ask for, and i am grateful for them. I am a little irresponsible, and i can be arrogant but cool. I tend to be nuts sometimes, but my intentions aren't bad. I drink, but do not swear - if i can. I hate smokers but i smoke when i'm depressed. My dream - all for my kids. My motto - As long as you're sane, i'll always be your friend - ung tipong 21k nd d mo n kyang 2makbo I'll b der 4 u, d aq mngiiwan. Gnyan aqng kaibgan.,

  • Work
    • The Council for Peace and Security
  • Education
    • Divine Word College of Legazpi High School Department
    • Symbiosis (Bicol University College of Science)
    • Bicol University College of Engineering