Yasmeen AA

Long name Yasmeen Abd Aziz . Reside in Malaysia , Johorean .

A teenage Muslim girl born in 1996. A clever student . Repeat: clever but lazy:|

Own two awwsome parents, and three crazy brothers X)

Imaginative, I dream big and dream a lot . But, I work hard to make it come true :D

still studying and I'm taking science stream: Physics, Biology,Chemist . Love music . Good at playing the Electone/Organ and other instruments except I dont have a talent in playing the piano and strings ex:guitar :)

I know Taekwando but not an expert O_o

I can be very talkative and quite. Can be masculinity sometime. :) .

Sleeping can calm me when I'm tension. -_-

KPOP addiction .

Adventurous, lazy and likes to have fun. :D

In future , I would like to be somebody that can be appreciated even by our own family and friends ^^

p/s : I have a dimple aka lesung pipit ^^ proud of it :)