T. Ghareeb

Student in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

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5 Things I proud about Myself

1. I'm brutally honest, if I don't like or agree with something, I'll speak up, no matter what. Its kinda weird but also kinda useful.

2. I'm extremely loyal to the people who matter. I'm the kind of person where once you get to be considered one of my "best friends," I'd do anything for you. (But to get there, you have to earn my trust and that can be hard to do, cause I have trust issues.)

3. I'm sensitive so this makes me good at comforting people and making them feel better

4. I'm down to earth and natural, not fake and stuck up like many ppl.& I'm muslim I really proud of this fact.It makes me different.

5. I can be very passionate about things...such as Piegon Birds in general, my Family and best friends, etc. This kind of goes along with #2 in the sense that I'd do anything to keep these things in my life

"Stay close to anything that makes you glad to be alive." ♥