Meera Iythal


Hellow world. I am Meera Iythal. Born to Architect parents on 19th April 2012. From there on, my journey or rather education has started. First I had to learn to move my hands and legs. Then other skills like turning, crawling, sitting, standing, walking, talking, communicating (did I miss smiling and laghing?) phew... it looked like I could never be able to do any of those... but tell you the truth... I never gave up... today, all these skills look so simple and easy while the newer ones I am learning looks so difficult and far away from mastering.

I would love to be a very good, responsible, kind hearted human being. (Oh.. did I mention that I have been also learning to express and at times I exhibit my nasty side of emotion... poor parents are the victims :) but at times am at the receiving end)... good luck all.... lets keep in touch. Meera.

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