John Davis

Writer and Editor in Los Angeles, California

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Hi! My name is John Davis, I'm 43 years old freelance writer and editor. Also working with popular bloggers and websites to create articles for them.

Mostly I'm writing about education, colleges and providing students and other writers with writing and self-improvement tips.

For almost 15 years now I'm creating content for popular blogs, websites and online magazines. Right now I'm working with WriteAnyPapers - the best writing service. The reason why I enjoy working with them is because their blog is rally close to the themes that I'm writing about: education and writing tips.

I've been into writing since I was 15 years old. My first drafts, actually, were poetic creations and I always had a dream to become a poet. Luckily, after two years in college I understood that I enjoy journalism and publications much more. This is a way to directly connect to people around and share my opinion without using any metaphors that are understandable only to few. So that my blogging journey has begun.

Since 1999 I've been writing articles to college magazines and local newspapers with plenty of success. It wasn't much but I was happy about it. I didn't get much popularity (heck, even now I'm an underdog), but it wasn't my goal. I just wanted to write. In 2003 my dearest friend introduced me to the internet and ability to share my content with thousands of people online. Best day of my life.

If you are interested in my articles you can visit WriteAnyPapers blog to see it yourself. Just hit the link above and it will take you to their website.

I'm also creating lists of usful tools or anything that college students may find interesting at You can visit and browse through my lists by smashing that black spotlight button!