Margaux Lucie Calloway

Phoenix, Arizona

Hi, my name is Margaux (Margo), and I also go by Lucie (Lucy).

I've been studying various aspects of art since I was very little. Although I've been trained formally in many different artistic areas, I grew to love designing most of all, graphic and web design in particular. I also enjoy print design, fashion design, and interior design. I love learning new things; I believe education is a lifelong endeavor, not something one does simply for monetary gain, status, or out of obligation. I also love do-it-yourself projects, crafting, & drawing in my spare time.

My favorite design styles are minimalist, vintage/retro, whimsical, and hand drawn illustration. I have a prefer pastels & vivid colors over dark colors, clean styles over grunge or complicated layouts, and informal over formal. Photographed elements, cartoon mascots/icons, and clean typography are lovely as well.

I believe that the most important thing in the world is to live each day as happily as possible. My goal is to make designs that will add to or create happiness in people's daily lives. I would also like to teach (on a post-graduate or professional level) others who want to do the same.

  • Education
    • Emerson College