Meet Martha

Denver, Colorado

ABOUT MARTHA: She's sassy, witty, well traveled and well read. Martha likes dining out, laughing with friends, skiing, sharing her knowledge of all things Denver, nights in and nights out.

Think you have what it takes to make her swipe right on her Tinder profile? Hit her up @ _____ or via _______.

If you feel like you meet 90% of the requirements, but aren’t sure you are ready to commit yet…that’s cool. Perhaps you and Martha can be friends...and maybe every now and then with benefits. (Note to Martha’s parents and family: we were totally kidding about that last part.)


LOOKS: Must. Be. Attractive. That said, good wardrobe, confidence, steady job, cool casa…these matter more. Anyone with a mustache (hipster or pedophile alike), flavor saver or Santa beard will not make the cut. MUST BE STYLISH TOO. Not in a mesmerizing metrosexual kind of way, but in a I-don’t-still-wear-clothes-from-Structure-that-I-bought-in-high-school-kind-of-way. All United Colors of Benetton welcome. Also bonus if you're taller. Lucky for you, she’s a shorty & only 5’3” so you’re probably in luck here.

PROFESSION: Martha digs men in advertising because that’s her industry, but we all know how men in the ad world can be. Props if you work in a creative industry, no bueno if you work at a bank.

TRAVEL: Some travel required. Martha is a world traveler. We’re talking about a woman who speaks French, like fluently and shit. She's been known to ski the French Alps over her winter holiday. So be ready to keep up!