Michael Ricasio

Los Angeles, California

I'm a 20 year old with Ambition. I actually quit High School by 11th grade because I decided that it wasn't for me and I always wanted to be ahead. I always wanted to be somebody and do something better with my life. I took a Test that made me go straight to Pierce Community College, but then again, I left in my 1st year because I believed that I can just learn how to work for myself and make real income even if I didn't know how, but I always wanted to grow and improve myself.. and I Hope you Feel the Same Way

Then I applied to stores/fast food places yet nobody accepted me.. but I've worked in previous Telemarketing Jobs/Companies before and I've learned skills and experiences that are Very Important in Life, but I always knew that the Having a Job and Working Long Hours from 9 to 5 is just isn't for me.. Because Nobody would want to do something they're not Happy or Passionate about right?

Then I've learned about Networking, Building Friends and Connections Everywhere.. Binary Investment Stocks Options and Other Business Ventures that I am now a part of.. While Building Organizations and Impacting Thousands of People by Inspiring Them to Become Better and Achieve Success for Themselves

I am also the CEO/Owner of Social Media Monster, a social presence increaser service website and Success Education Center, a group in which we help people make $100 Pure Referral Residual Monthly Commissions and also Currencies/Stocks Trading to Make $100-$500 Daily

My Passion is Learning Anything That Would Help Everyone Achieve Financial Stability.. And Enjoying Freedom and Doing The Things That I Love.. While At The Same Time, Helping People In The Process :)


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