Annabelle S

I'm the co-founder of Meet My Friend (, a free site for friends to set up profiles and find potential matches for their single friends. Meet My Friend ( was designed to fill a gap in the complex world of dating. Meet My Friend ( is not your typical free dating site, not by a long shot. We came up with because over the years, we’ve had and still do have lots of single friends, single clients, and many of our married friends have single friends. What’s the point? Well, to start with, many singles dread the thought of going on any dating site, having to pay good money for it, and having to sift through profiles. What’s worse? The first blind date! So much pressure, so much small talk, and probably a meeting between two disingenuous people. Let’s face it, whenever we are about to meet someone new (that could be a love potential) we try to look our best and present our best attributes. It’s a fact! For every person that signs up on a dating site, there is a person who doesn’t, for the very same reasons mentioned above. For every single friend we have who has tried out a dating site, we have a single friend who cringes at the idea. Thus, Meet My Friend ( was born. We designed it to fill the gap between those who are less shy about joining a dating site, and those who would rather not. The common denominator amongst all those who really prefer not to join any type of dating site, is that they have no problem to be introduced to other single people by their trusted friends. I mean who knows our likes and dislikes when it comes to a guy or girl better than our friends? Right?! Over the years, our single friends had no problem with us introducing them to another single friend of ours if it was in some type of social gathering. Why? Because the element of a ‘blind introduction,’ or ‘blind date’ was not there. There was either instant chemistry or there wasn’t. That is why our concept for Meet My Friend ( is so different from so many of the dating sites out there. We really do take the pressure out of date an put the fun into meet!