Shannel Lewis


I was born as Niejah Kennoir Lewis but go by Shannel, I was born to two wonderful parents; Eddie and Aretha Gibson. My birthday is January 30th, I am an Aquarius. At age 7 I was introduced to dance, which soon became the love of my life!

At such a young age I was so passionate about my dancing, I danced not only for the praise team not only at church but also at a dance studio in Riverdale,Ga. When I was dancing nothing else mattered to me but my dance routine. Dance became apart of my life style at a very young. I loved watching the ” Bring It On” movies on TV because even though they were cheerleaders it was kind of like dance and that made me want to dance even more!I watched my older cousins and close family members do step-team, cheerleading, and all sort of things but I only wanted to dance.

I am currently a Senior in high school, after I graduate May 24,2014 I plan to go to college somewhere in Ga. I have not made a decision yet, because I do not just want to pick a school and not be happy with it. My dream college would have to be Savannah State College, because not only are they a historically black college but they also they are a WONDERFUL college. I have visited their campus about three times now. Some other colleges I am interested in are: Georgia State, Georgia Southern, Clayton State, West Georgia, and The University of Georgia.

When I go off to college I plan to major in journalism and theater. I love writing with a passion, in high school I have written ten short stories and two church plays. I like writing plays and short stories most because you can make any character you would like. I will post some short stories on here.

The reason I started this blog is because I want to be able to share some of my life stories, accomplishments, write stories and for you the reader to get to know me. This is not my first blog, it is probably my third blog with wordpress alone. The other blog I began when I was younger and did not really know what to type about.


Signed: Shannel

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