Megan Murphy

San Francisco, California

I'm a food, health, and fitness enthusiast with some big goals - the foremost of which are to improve global health and sustainability, disrupt the current imbalance of food waste and hunger, and experience as much of the world's beautiful and unique cultures as I possibly can.

A former athletically-inept child/adolescent, I now run ultramarathons, 200-mile team relay races, and tour de stades for fun. I also cook healthy things and share them with the world via much-too-frequent posts to Instagram. Marginally second to my passion for health and wellness is my love for travel. Each year I visit 3 new countries and take a cooking class in each place to learn about its unique culinary culture.

To support airfare and farmers market produce, I work for Microsoft as a Project Manager on enterprise software implementations. I have professional experience in a cross-section of business development, finance, and consulting environments in New York, London, Boston, Dallas, and Geneva. I graduated from the School of Management at Boston University with a dual degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship.

  • Work
    • Microsoft, San Francisco
  • Education
    • Boston University School of Management